Gordon & Sons Jewelry 

Our universe is infinite

Gordon Jewelry is creating William Gordon, diamond original and lover of beautiful and refined things. This passion led him to embark on the path of " Haute Joaillerie ". The general marketing of the production and the priority that the industry often gives the quantity rather than the quality led him to believe that there is demand for jewelry where only the highest standards would apply. An aspiring home to perfection in each of his creations , using exceptional stones and employing the best specialists of Antwerp, a house that would become "The House of Gordon ans sons " . It is this vision that made the greatness of Gordon and that made her the creator of Haute Joaillerie we know today.

unique expertise

A special expertise is at the heart of Gordon collection ; is the trademark of the house. From the first draft to the final masterpiece , the know-how is the company's thread . Gordon ans sons is renowned for combining know-how, technical prowess , talent and innovation in each of his creations . For this purpose , professionals working for Gordon are provided with all the necessary qualities but also carry the passion and motivation necessary to give rise to an exceptional jewel. Every aspect of a

 Gordon jewelry is created with patience and discipline, in constant search for perfection.

a business family

Today, William Gordon directs together with his two son , who inherited his passion for perfection. To pursue the goal of its founder and better serve its customers, the family decided to take the next step . Thus, a new exhibition space there was opened in April 2011

timeless creations

Gordon creators inspired by the life of a constantly changing world , their daily surroundings, and primarily , diamonds . At Gordon and sons, it is considered an important stone should remain important and deserves a wonderful gem that serves virtually podium from which these gems can shine . This may be a classic contemporary piece , built around a single stone , as may as well be a more surprising creation , where the smallest detail is essential to the balance of his grace . Each project is supported by a tireless zeal to achieve a certain elegance, which will touch her admirer heart.